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WISE Words is a podcast brought to you by the team behind the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE). Join the WISE Team as they talk to thought leaders, innovators, educators and artists from around the world about any and all things to do with education.

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Shape Wise words podcast

29 April 2019 ep 29

Tackling Youth Unemployment with Mona Mourshed

Recent trends of increasing global youth unemployment have sparked debate on the return on investment...
04 April 2019 ep 28

Making Higher Education Accessible with Ben Nelson

How do you create the best higher education experience without having the preconcieved notions or...
27 March 2019 ep 27

Putting Well-Being into Practice – Project Spotlight

Following our last episode with Dr. Richard Davidson, we talked to four aspiring individuals from...
19 March 2019 ep 26

Why Well-Being Matters with Dr. Richard Davidson

Why is it that some people are more vulnerable to life's challenges while others are...
14 February 2019 ep 25

Findings in Learning Sciences, A Revolution for Education? with Elliot Washor, Ondine Bullot and Rogers Kamugisha

This episode we meet three practitioners who are putting in place education methods, solutions, and...
29 January 2019 ep 24

Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? with Dr. Ger Graus

How often have you been asked “What do you want to be when you grow...
15 January 2019 ep 23

Taking the Luck Out of Education with Jim Shelton and Rebecca Winthrop

Our first episode of the year features Jim Shelton and Rebecca Winthrop to bring you...
07 January 2019 ep 23

Welcome to Season 2

Our host, Stavros Yiannouka, shares a warm welcome with fellow producers of WISE Words, Sarah...
18 December 2018 ep 22

WISE@Accra Special Episode

In this final episode of the season we bring to you a special recording from...
16 October 2018 ep 21

Sharing Knowledge for Consumption with Alan Greenberg

This episode features an interesting discussion between Stavros and Alan Greenberg, exploring what it takes...
01 October 2018 ep 20

Prioritizing Education as a Nation with Rebeca Grynspan

In this episode, Stavros talks to Rebeca Grynspan about what it takes to make education...
11 September 2018 ep 19

Exposing Youth to Entrepreneurship with Emily McHugh

In this episode, Stavros talks to Emily McHugh to discuss the value of exposing youth...